I am a writer. I am an editor. I live and breathe words on a page. I am passionate about my work. I am passionate about your work. Together, we can create incredible things.

Welcome! My name is Katie, though many of you know me by my pen name, Maeby Kate. I have been a fiction writer for roughly twenty years and an editor for almost a decade. I am an editor for Red Pen Media, Speakeasy Authority, and independently. I love fiction, more specifically fantasy/sci-fi, in the form of prose and graphic novels. This is where I would love to live, it is where I spend most of my time, and it is where I can give you the most of my insight.

When I work with a client, I invest myself in their project. It is my personal goal to help you achieve success with a fully polished, ready-to-print end product. Part of my editing services is to provide you with essential reader-based feedback to help you reach your target audience. I will ensure that you have continuity in your storytelling and world-building. And, of course, I will thoroughly check your spelling and grammar. I also provide alternative wording when something doesn’t read clearly. Together, we can create wonderful and engaging work!

For a product quote, please email katie@redpenmedia.org.

To request a phone consultation, please email katie@redpenmedia.org. Phone consultations prior to hire are $50 for 45 minutes.