I have had to wear prescription eye glasses since I was eight years old. Due to having a very serious eye phobia, I have never been able to wear contact lenses.  I’m unable to stand even the idea of someone having an eye touched in any way (even when it’s someone else’s eye!). Imagine that episode of Friends when Rachel needs eyedrops and they have to sneak attack her to get the eyedrops in – only WORSE.

I have reached the point of realizing that the only way I will ever be able to enjoy some of life’s small pleasures would be to undergo LASIK eye surgery. My research has revealed that I would only need to submit myself to less than one minute per eye of ABSOLUTE TORTURE to change the way I see the world, but I don’t have the money to pursue this on my own.

I want to know what it’s like to wake up and open my eyes and see the world without having to grope around for my glasses.

I want to be able to shower and not worry that there are spiders in the shower because I can’t see anything clearly (yesterday I had to get out of the shower mid-shower and put on my glasses because I thought there was a bug – it was a just a little knot of hair).

I want to come in from the cold and not have my vision fog up, which is strangely very embarrassing.

I want to ride tall rollercoasters and be able to enjoy the view from the highest climb – without the fear of my vision (eye glasses) flying off of my face a second afterward.

I want to be able to hug someone and bury my face in them without my glasses digging into my flesh and making every hug awkward.

I want to be able to kiss someone without having to wonder if I should take off my glasses first.

I want to be able to cry without my lenses getting grimy and gross from who knows what – seriously, every time.

I want to watch 3D movies and be able to wear the glasses without looking like a complete moron.

I want to be able to wear cheap sunglasses that are cute.

I want to go to fancy events and look elegant without my make up and efforts being thwarted by a pair of frames that don’t mesh with that polished look we always see on ladies who are elegant.

In every ‘make over’ story made (She’s All That, Princess Diaries, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Miss Congeniality, etc.), losing the glasses is literally the FIRST thing that has to happen before the girl can be considered pretty. Imagine growing up with THAT common theme and having to wear glasses all the time…

I want know what it’s like to live a life uninhibited by the restraints of my vision being fully reliant on a piece of plastic I have to wear on my face every waking moment. These simple things are all things that I have NEVER been able to experience since I was eight.

It may seem trivial to some – most people can see without glasses or are able to at least wear contact lenses – but it actually has been something that has tormented me for my entire life.

I just thought you should know.


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