Weed the Gardens

Here’s the thing about Tumblr, for those that don’t know:

If you follow just anyone that follows you or random blogs because you want your dash to be active, you end up seeing a lot of posts containing negativity or things that make you feel heavy. I can’t explain it. Some things just make me feel heavier, you know? Like Oskar in Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, I feel like my boots get heavier.

Yet, if you start to unfollow people who post negativity and allow your dash to slowly grow into a collection of blogs that post things that are inspirational or positive or just things that please you and make you smile, it becomes so therapeutic.

My dash is so warm right now. I’ve weeded out the bad and I’m left with so much that just makes me laugh or smile. It makes me realize how clever people are, you know? I typically find fandoms on my dash, even of things I haven’t personally ever watched. To see such creativity like their art or the gifs they create or just these ridiculously insightful thoughts about characters and theories they may have. People are so clever. I love that. I love seeing that. It makes me feel warmer toward humanity, which is so nice because I so often feel like humanity is disgusting.

I don’t know how to explain tumblr to someone that doesn’t have a tumblr. I do think that the name is fitting, though. You quite literally just tumble along, stumbling from one thought to another. I think that’s partially to blame for some people growing a wee bit addicted to scrolling–they get to turn off for a while. It’s a mental vacation.

However, it can’t be that for you until you get rid of the toxins on your dashboard. Clean it up. You’ll thank me later.

This is one literal example of weeding the gardens in your life. Weed your tumblr, weed your Instagram, weed your Twitter feed, weed your Facebook. If you must be connected on social media, do yourself the courtesy of weeding it out. Don’t stop there. Weed all the gardens! Weed your circle of friends, weed the people you text throughout the day, weed the gatherings you attend, weed your co-workers (harder, but not impossible!). Weed! Weed, weed, weed.

And once you’ve become quite good at weeding, you will begin to watch your gardens grow with things of beauty. You will begin to cultivate relationships with people who uplift, encourage, and amuse you. You will begin to cultivate environments that feed your soul, your spirit, you mood. You will begin to cultivate a well-being that thrives on positive nourishment and no longer craves drama, negativity, gossip, or  self-deprecation.

So, that’s my advice to you: weed the gardens.


One response to “Weed the Gardens”

  1. Weeding brings out the “Glory of the Garden”
    Great article…

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