Here’s To 2015

As another year comes to a close, we begin to look back at what we have accomplished and what we have failed to achieve. It’s that bittersweet mixture of regret and satisfaction that comes once a year and spans roughly the length of a week, then dissipates as the new year gets under way.

I haven’t written for you in quite some time, I’m afraid, and so I know you aren’t able to judge my life based on my updates here. I apologize for that, but I find it difficult to write a blog when I don’t feel that I have anything particularly interesting or profound to say. Writing on the internet is like screaming into a void on the best of days. When you’re struggling with yourself daily, screaming at nothing seems like a waste of energy that you do not readily have to give.

That being said, I will promise you at least three new blogs in the week leading up to New Year’s Day. They will touch on things that I have done in 2015 that I feel are significant to who I am as a person. I hope that you’ll stay with me as we close this chapter and begin the next. I have a good feeling that 2016 will yield better results than 2015 did.

So, here’s to the past and how it has molded us.

And here’s to the future: may it see us become the people we so ardently wish to be.


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