Do You Believe in Magic?

Does magic exist in reality, or is it something that can only exist in one’s imagination?

An artist can take an ordinary writing utensil and with strokes of their wrist, they can take things from their imagination and put them out into the world for others to see. They can draw worlds otherwise non-existant and invent persons who have never lived, and yet anyone can look at them and appreciate their beauty–or their ugliness, depending. With paint or chalk, lead or ink, someone who has the gift of drawing can create something that is unique to them. How is that not a magical ability?
A writer can take twenty-six letters and arrange them in so many combinations that they can transform a simple black and white page of text into entire worlds. As one reads, they stop seeing words on a page and instead are transported into another world with people who they cannot know in reality, and yet who are so real that they know them better than they know their own friends. Each writer has a style and a voice unique to themselves, and can invent worlds of science fiction, fantasy, alternate reality, or even just bring to life a person who did live, but whom we really would never have known without someone penning their life for us to behold. How is that not a magical ability?
A scientist can see the world in a way so unique that they are able to not only understand how things work around them, but then take their understanding to create new and incredible things. Their mind works in such a beautiful way that they can look at a series of numbers and see a clear answer. They can create light in dark places, heat in cold places, they can take a man to the moon. There is literally no limit to what a scientist can accomplish. How is that not a magical ability?
A physician has the ability to literally save lives, understanding how the human body, which is complex beyond all measure, works in order to mend what is broken within it. They can diagnose and treat ailments that had once been fatal, and return a person to full health. How is that not a magical ability?
A mechanic can build a two-ton vehicle that not only is functional, but which safely houses a family and transports them from point A to point B. They can take parts and arrange them to create almost anything, from cars to airplanes and trains. With their hands, they create things that we can touch and use. How is that not a magical ability?
An electrician can look at a tangle of wires and understand what each and every wire means. They can light up a house, or an entire city. They work with something that in itself is a force to be reckoned with, and they manipulate it to be useful and safe for those of us who cannot understand. How is that not a magical ability?
So, I ask you: does magic exist?
Magic is in the every day people who go unnoticed at times, and yet we take for granted that they have used their abilities to make our lives better. Magic does not always create the hero. Sometimes magic is in the subtle intricacies of a person’s natural talent. These are only a few examples of what I consider to be magical. There is magic within all of us if we can embrace our talents and use them. Don’t ever allow someone to belittle your gifts. Whether you be an artist or a mathematician, always embrace your passions and pursue them to the fullest. There are people who will tell you that your aspirations will get you no where, but believe in yourself. Create magic. Be magical. No one can stop you. 



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