Dream On

I have met more people than seems reasonable (to me) who are sorely lacking in an imagination. I can’t count the times I have been told that I need to stop living with my head in the clouds or that I need a firmer grasp on reality. It seems that, with every passing day, more and more people tend to look down upon those of us with “ridiculous” questions or thoughts.

I don’t understand what these so-called realistic people think the world is made up of. If not for imagination, we would still be the most primitive of creatures. Every advancement in technology and civilization was birthed from the imagination of a new world, a sleeker design, a more powerful or more convenient product or service. Yes, part of inventing is having an understanding of “realistic” things like science and math, but without imagination, wouldn’t we all just be content to never change?

When I was young, my teacher told the class that there are no stupid questions. She was literally the only person I have met who actually believes that, though. Adults are so quick to grow annoyed with questions. They think that a question is asked because an answer is needed, and when they don’t see a logical answer to a question, they write it off as a pointless question. Life isn’t about the answers, though. It’s a shame so many people haven’t realized that yet. Life is about questioning everything in pursuit of new ideas and broader thinking. Without questioning everything, even things most people just accept, we never move forward.

Don’t take the dreamers for granted. They have a very important place in the world. Your life is bettered every day by someone who has their head in the clouds. Artwork, graphic design, books, electronics, music, lyrics, poetry, the system of roads you use to get places, the vehicles you use on those roads…. pretty much everything that makes life POSSIBLE and REALISTIC was invented for you by someone who has an incredible imagination. Don’t write off the dreamers. Quit discouraging the ‘stupid questions’ and the daydreams. The worst thing that could happen to us as a civilization is the extinction of the dreamers, the innovators, the questioners, the ones with their heads in the clouds.

And, to the dreamers, dream on. You are an asset to advancement. Your sideways ideas and backwards thought processes are important to the world around you. Don’t be discouraged by those that don’t follow your train of thought. You are the leaders, not the followers. Without you, we would be walking in circles around each other and not even realize how ridiculous that is.


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