Things have been going extraordinarily well for me as of late. Though I had always dreamed of working where I got that job, it ended up being not at all what I had hoped it would be. I came home after my first day and applied to several different jobs, just hoping to figure out what to do. I was called for an interview the day after that, went to the interview the day after that and started the new job… two days later. It happened like a whirlwind!

I could really not have found a better job, though. It is so well suited both to my personality and my abilities. I am the assistant to the Vice President and President of the company and the VP is basically the most incredible boss in the entire world. He’s right on my level with his thought process, which makes assisting him really a breeze. My technical title is Office Manager. The only other female that works there is a pit bull mix named Bella who lays under my desk and guards me when all the guys are out of the office. Not a bad gig.

My Facebook page, which I hope you’ll all race over and like, has been gaining some speed. Strangely, people that I know in my so-called “real” life are not as supportive of my endeavors as others. I have an official sponsor, who you will find on my Facebook page, which is really incredible! The store sponsoring me, Jaybird & Max, offers some exclusive discounts to my subscribers! You should go check that out!

My twitter is finally taking off, as well. I was really bad about remembering to tweet for far too long. I now tweet at least once a day, which is apparently helping me reach far more people. Got a twitter? Please follow mine!

Don’t forget that MaebyToday’s first official drawing is taking place on May 10. Please subscribe to my channel for a chance to win. I don’t want anyone to miss out on these opportunities to win cash and other prizes. I am having monthly drawings for subscribers so come be a part of that and support me!

So, I’ve been pretty busy around here. I have a lot of plans for the future, as well. I promise to write you a more interesting and thought-provoking blog entry soon, though, so don’t wander off! Thanks for all of your support!


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