The Thaw

Every year, around March, I will look around as I’m walking my dog and think about how I can’t imagine what summer is like. I see barren trees and can no longer fathom what they look like with branches full of plush, green leaves. I see brown, brittle lawns and can’t seem to remember a time when they were healthy. I feel the bite of the chilly air and I can’t remember ever feeling truly warmed. I see gray skies up above and wonder why people always refer to “blue skies” when I have never seen one. 

Some winters just seem so infinitely long, I truly forget a time when it was not winter. That’s how I feel in my life. I’ve been going through an emotional winter that has made me forget the sensation of being truly happy or alive. It feels like things will never look up again and I find myself feeling depressed and forlorn about that. 

But just as I am really forgetting that Winters don’t last forever, Spring will paint itself across the skies. Spring will sneak in when I’m not looking and, one day, I’ll look around and see a warm breeze rustling green leaves in the trees and sprinklers watering healthy lawns and feel the sun shining down on me from a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds. As summer creeps into the air, I forget the days of winter. I forget the chill that clung to my bones for so many months that I had forgotten warmth. 

I feel like, in my life, Spring must be just around the corner. This winter has been a long and hard one, but no winter lasts forever. Once summer finally settles into my life, I’ll forget the harsh days of my winter. While there will always be another winter, I can hold on to the knowledge that spring, too, must come again. 

Seasons change, and so will I.


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