Jesus Alone Ministries

There are some people over the age of fifty that just jumped into technology with both feet and took to it like a fish takes to water. Then there’s my father. My dad is a very smart man, so don’t get any false notions about his intelligence level based off of his lack of internet savvy.

He’s an ordained minister within the Church of God, worked as a traveling evangelist, teaches prayer conferences, preaches revivals, is a visiting speaker at many churches, had a prison ministry and several nursing home outreaches. He has dedicated his life to serving God and when he doesn’t have a venue to speak, as he feels called to do, you can tell that it dampens his spirit.

He’s been talking about how he feels like he’s being led to start a new ministry but he didn’t know how to get started. Then, one day out of the blue, I just felt a lightbulb turn on in my mind and I said “Dad, why don’t you just get a youtube channel?”

In early February, he did just that. I know he’s really invested in getting Jesus Alone Ministries up and going, but he has never been part of the social media movement. It isn’t that he doesn’t understand how social media works–he does. I think the problem is that he doesn’t know how to utilize it to make people aware of the ministry. After all, if people aren’t aware that there IS a ministry, how can they support it or even be edified by the messages he’s putting out there?

I am the Media Coordinator, meaning that I basically take care of everything related to media for the ministry. I run the Facebook page, the twitter, the website and now the tumblr. I also record and edit his videos for Youtube. He is the content; he is the voice of the ministry. Today, I had to email him and let him know that he needed to not only start writing blog entries for his website, but that it would be wise for him to get on twitter and tumblr and search tags and reply to people, so that they knew he was there. I would love to do this FOR him, but I just don’t have his wisdom or his knowledge.

You have to understand that my dad isn’t too proud to network with people, nor is he above asking for help. I think his main concern is that he wants the ministry to be about JESUS ALONE (hence the name) and not about a man (him). He is afraid that by doing the things I’m asking him to do, people will think that the ministry is about him, the speaker and the minister.  How do I make him see that it can still be about Jesus and only Jesus even if he reaches out as a man who is simply trying to reach people with the Word of God?

I know that this isn’t my typical blog post today. In truth, I tend to avoid writing anything about religion or politics, as a rule. I just have been really trying to think of ways to spread the knowledge of this ministry. It matters a lot to me that this is successful, not for monetary gains (this is a non-profit), but because I believe in what this ministry is trying to do and I know that the only way it can help people is if people become aware of it.

If anyone has any suggestions of how to spread awareness, please let me know. Please, if you are even remotely interested, I encourage you to check out Jesus Alone Ministries. I’m going to include all the links but I think you should start with the youtube channel, because that is where the content really lives right now (until he starts writing for the website, which is brand new and still in progress).

Also, if anyone is an artist and willing to donate their time and talent to this ministry, please email us at We are currently in need of a logo for business cards and icons (for the social media sites), as well as a banner for the website. It will likely be very simplistic, as the ministry is all about turning your eyes upon Jesus and we wouldn’t want anything to distract from Him.

So, here are the links!



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