Wealthy, Not Rich

As you guys have probably noticed, I’ve been updating my vlog every Monday and Thursday. I’ll continue to share that with you here, of course, but if you would like to subscribe to my channel, that would be hugely appreciated. 

I have finally started working at my new job! Everything is going very well and I feel my past experience working in the industry has really helped me to slide right in. The system is very different and I’m studying hard to get familiar with it. I’ve never worked somewhere with so much material they want me to study! It’s crazy! But it isn’t bad and I have no complaints.

Well, I do wish I had a pair of comfortable black flats to wear. How do I not own one pair of black flats?

Yesterday was my housemate’s father’s funeral. We come from very different backgrounds, which is always sort of difficult to muddle through in these situations. The funeral was unlike any I have ever seen before, which is saying something when you’re the daughter of a minister who has been speaking at funerals for as long as I can remember. Her father was a very special man, though, with very original requests for how he wanted this to be done for him. I’m glad that his wishes were met, though. The songs he loved the most were played at the funeral home: Take It Easy, When a Man Loves a Woman, Behind Blue Eyes, Amazing Grace. My housemate had written something that she wanted read but she was unable to read it. I would have loved to have the honor of reading it for her, but I suffer from anxiety and I can’t read out loud, unfortunately. Our very good friend was able to take up that post and he delivered it so wonderfully. It was very touching.

Her father lived a life of poverty. He never had much and what he did have, he gave it to others. He was generous and loving, full of life and humor. He was human. He had vices, he had hardships. He loved so fully. In many ways, he reminded me of myself. He was always very kind to me. I was told by many of his family members that he talked about me often and was constantly raving about how beautiful I was, how kind, how sweet, how talented. I regret not knowing that during his lifetime. I regret not knowing him better.

Though he had nothing in life that was material, that man was wealthy in friendship. The small funeral home was packed with people who loved him; who mourned him. I can honestly say that I would rather have a funeral full of people whose lives I have touched rather than to leave behind a pile of cash. 

Not having much, he had requested to have his body cremated to keep the cost down. His best friend from childhood carried his ashes as he rode a tractor the two of them had built together. What a fast tractor, too! It was bizarre because it was something unfamiliar to me, but who am I to judge? These were his wishes. His family loves him enough to do these last things in his honor.

At the end of the day, it’s hard to imagine how my housemate is coping. I really can’t even think about how I will feel when one of my own parents passes. Being a Christian and believing in the after life, I have the comfort of knowing exactly where my parents will go after death. These people don’t have that. They didn’t want God at their funeral yesterday. So, it is difficult to have the words to comfort someone whose belief system I don’t understand or don’t believe, personally. All I can say is that I’m here to support you, I’m here to help you through this. 


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