Hanging In There

I have an infection in my belly button that I really wish would get out of there. It was really painful but I think it’s in the healing stage now and it’s gone from painful to just icky. This has been your TMI Update. You’re welcome.

In other (less revolting) news, I finally have my first day of work tomorrow. I’m a mixture of excited and nervous. I had a nightmare last night that they didn’t teach me how to do anything and left me to work alone. I’m sure everything will work out fine, though. I have experience in the industry that I’m going into and I’m hoping that will lend a hand in my adjusting. 

Being out of work for five full months, returning to the work force is somewhat intimidating. You lose your self confidence when you struggle for so long to get hired again. This is the longest that I have ever been out of work and I feel like I don’t have a whole lot to offer. I don’t have any degrees or certificates and I just hope that I can get back out there and rebuild my sense of self worth in the workplace. 

As I have posted here before, I have started a youtube channel where I will be posting weekly or bi-weekly vlogs. I’ll share with you when I update there. It would really mean a ton to me if you all viewed, liked and commented on the videos, as well as subscribe to my channel. I’m going places soon and I’d like to take you all along for the ride!

On a more somber note, my housemate’s father passed away yesterday. It is quite a debacle of sorts but I have been doing my best to be supportive and lend help where ever I can. I try to keep it positive on here, but the way said housemate’s ‘boyfriend’ has been treating her in light of this devastating loss is nauseating. I am really struggling with dealing with him right now. He’s unbearable and an entirely toxic human being. Abusive. Please lend me your thoughts and prayers that I’ll be able to deal with him in the best and most appropriate way I can moving forward. I want to make my housemate feel better and that’s hard to do when I’m consumed with the fiery desire to clock her ‘boyfriend’ in his face. If I recounted all the reason why this would be deserved, I think you would all be asking for the address of where you could join in on the beat down.

Enough about that.


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