Forward Motion

I thought now would be a good time to slap an update down because I’m feeling particularly positive and upbeat. 

I am still going strong with Atkins even though there is a thing of delicious cookies in the kitchen, moist and soft and full of delight. I have resisted them for three days and I see no reason for me to stop doing so if I’ve been so strong. In spite of having my schedule knocked off kilter yesterday so that I was unable to even fit in three meals, I still resisted the urge to grab something ‘fast’ and kept to my plan. I had to cut out dinner, though, because I ate lunch so late. The up side was that I got to hold a kitten so… win some, lose some.

I made an appointment for the genius bar at the Apple Store near me because my trackpad has been possessed of a devil for a few days and it is getting to be difficult to even use my computer. It keeps highlighting everything and seeming to get locked in to doing so, not allowing me to scroll or click or have freedom to do the things needed done. It also double-clicks even if I touch it only once quickly. Considering I literally JUST paid this computer off, I’m hoping that they will be able to fix it easily, quickly and… for free. Fingers crossed.

Finally received word from that job! Going in today in just a little bit to provide my ID and fill out some paperwork. I’ll be meeting with the General Manager so hopefully everything will be sorted out and set in stone for me to get in there and get to work. My long distance goals require me to make at least a thousand dollars this month! Let’s get to work!

Megan wants me to come over tonight so that seems like a good plan. Time out of the house on the weekends is very positive for me in my situation. It’s always a laid back time full of laughter there and I’m looking forward to it. Last week, we had the cops called on us for singing Disney songs too loudly. Let’s see what new ridiculous things we can get up to.

An old co-worker passed along a birthday card to Megan to give to me and she only remembered on Wednesday. It contained a $15 iTunes giftcard. I’m actually grateful that she forgot to give it to me this long (my birthday is in July) because the new Mumford & Sons album came out September 25 and if I had received this card any earlier, I may have blown it on something else. If you didn’t know, Mumford & Sons is quickly becoming my favorite band. I have such an eclectic taste in music but Mumford & Sons is just about the only band/artist that I literally love every single song they have. I might ask male!housemate to download all their older stuff and put it on the shared drive so I can sneak it all on my computer and have a Mumford & Sons party in my bed.

Things are happening, all for the best, and I can’t tell you how good it feels to have a plan and to be getting up every day with a schedule. I’ve kept busy every day this week. Tomorrow I am still going to show up at the unemployment office, even though I’ll let them know about this job. Who knows how all that works. Better safe than sorry. And then I have a birthday party tomorrow night for a 21 year old. I’ll probably designate myself as a driver since I don’t want to murder my good diet with copious amounts of alcohol. Being Irish, this may be my biggest challenge yet. I’ll let you know how it goes and if I can report triumph or defeat.


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