Moving Forward

I just read some of my older entries here and I have to admit to myself that I hate the tone of them. All the complaining! Well, say good bye to that negativity. Even when I have a bad day, it does little to no good to be complaining about it. I used to think that venting my frustrations was therapeutic but, really? No. Not really.

That said, the only thing I’m here to report of days gone by is that I spent the night at my friend’s house Friday and we had the police show up due to a noise complaint. We had been singing Disney songs too loudly! I laughed so much that night and it really was nice. It was greatly needed. 

Tomorrow begins a sparkling new phase of my life. I’m making some conscious changes that will hopefully help me to adjust my attitude and outlook. I’ve gotten completely prepared to begin Atkins, which I was turned onto by Kristen. In addition to eating a more healthy diet and hopefully jumpstarting my weight loss, I intend to go for walks daily. Walks will not only promote a more active lifestyle but will give me time to reflect and be outside of the house alone. Thanks to two friends that I’ve been able to coordinate with, I’ll be getting rid of my storage unit this week, which will be one less bill to pay. Not only am I eliminating a bill, I am giving some things to a friend for free which makes me feel good about myself. It’s also one less obligation–the knowledge that I have things just sitting in some dusty corner really was a bother to me, to be honest. 

I do need to contact the hotel that supposedly hired me, as I have yet to hear another word on that front. It feels a bit odd, considering the emailed me and requested my social security number for the pre-hire paperwork a week ago and have yet to contact me since. In the meantime, I’ve still be plugging away with my resume for other opportunities. 

I have plans. I have things to look forward to and things to work toward. It feels good to have goals and to feel like they are achievable. Thank you for reading, thank you for putting up with me and thank you, more than anything, for your support. 


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