I Will

The rotten truth? I haven’t updated you in a few days because I am finding it so terribly hard to be positive. I didn’t want to confess to you that I’ve been falling short of the goal.

A part of me just wants to vent my frustrations with what has happened but the other feels that it wouldn’t solve anything. So, instead of raging on and on about why I’m excusing myself for my negativity, I’m going to focus on some positive things.


  • I received an email early Monday morning from a perspective employer, with whom I had an interview last week. According to the email, I have been hired. They requested information to get the pre-hire paperwork in order. So, I am 99% sure that I have a job. 1% of me is confused as to what to do from here, as they have not contacted me regarding a start date or a rate of pay? I’m going to call tomorrow to follow up, as yesterday and today yielded little to no personal time for me.
  • I just mopped the whole house twice. It smells clean in here.
  • Little House on the Prairie is on and no one is around to stop me.
  • INSP, the channel that runs Little House and Dr. Quinn, is on channel 286. This makes it easy to remember because that’s Hank and I’s number. (Long story). That means I can always find it, even on this ridiculously complicated television set up we got goin’ on here.
  • My friend is coming to pick me up on Friday and steal me away to her house where I can lay around and vent and cuddle her dogs and be free for at least a little while.
  • I have a new pair of shoes and I wore them all day today and that made things better, just a little.
  • I bought some coffee on clearance from Target. It’s Blackberry Cobbler, and delicious.
  • Cleaning is actually somewhat lethargic to me if I pretend that it’s my house and my family (husband, child) live here with me.
  • ^ I have a very good imagination if left alone.
  • My family may not be perfect, but they are pretty great in comparison to most.
  • My sister is pregnant with her second child.
  • My housemate’s version of redecorating the living room was to swap out his framed Sin City and Pirates of the Caribbean posters for two DOCTOR WHO posters. And I love me some Doctor Who.
  • I gained new followers on tumblr today.
  • I received a DM from actor Joe Dempsie on Twitter yesterday and it was awesome. (Even though it was just a link from who/whatever hacked his account).
  • I remembered to take my fish oil pills today.


I’m getting really tired so I’ll stop there. That was therapeutic. I will conquer this negativity. I will conquer the situations and the people that are making this so hard for me. I will. I will. I will.


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