Saying NO to Negativity

[edited out for personal reasons] It’s unhealthy and I need to teach myself that if I care enough to complain, I should care enough to change.

Maybe I can’t control whether or not someone decides to hire me but there are a million other decisions to be made every day. Lately, it really feels like the universe is against me. It’s so easy for me to wallow in self pity over things that really aren’t within my control, but what does that get me? I need to change. This weeks goals are as follows:

  • Practice positive thinking. Rather than complain about things that bog me down with negativity, I need to keep a positive attitude and discover how differently my days can go with that rather than being a negative nelly.
  • Eat healthy meals. Eating things that are bad for you really does affect your mood. I’m tired of feeling heavy and lazy due to eating irresponsibly. It’s within my power to eat right, even on a small budget. I have no excuse to put off having a healthy lifestyle.
  • Be active. Even if I’m just leaving the house for a walk around the neighborhood, I need to get myself out of my room and do things. I’ve lent my car to a friend in need but that doesn’t mean I have to sit on my rear all day. I live in a beautiful neighborhood with tennis courts and a lake. I enjoy walking. I just need to get out there and get some fresh air (and alone time!).
  • Make plans. It’s true that there are so many things outside of my control right now but that doesn’t mean I can’t be actively working toward small goals. I’m really interested in moving to Georgia or Tennessee now, so I need to start not only applying to places in those areas but also looking at apartments and other area details that might help me.
  • Reinforce positivity. I want to do some searching for a positive youtuber, tumblr, blog. People who will help me focus on positivity. I need to start spending more time talking to my positive friends (even though they’re all in different states) and building on those relationships. Those are the friendships that are worth nurturing. I have Kristen, who has always been an incredible role model and help to me. I have Jacquie, whose entire life is just so beautiful because she makes the decision to live positively and not focus on hardships. I have Heather, who has completely turned her life around to work toward a goal that is seriously motivational. I do have this incredible support system and it’s time to stop neglecting them.

These are some ideas to get me on my feet. If any of you have any ideas for reinventing my lifestyle, please feel free to comment and share!


One response to “Saying NO to Negativity”

  1. Look at the little things that make life easier- sometimes that is enough to cause a greater appreciation for other things. And, remember- nothing lasts forever. The saying is “this too shall pass”, not ‘this too shall stick around’…LOL. It sounds like you’re in a phase of moving towards what you want ❤ Best wishes !!

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