As the lack of an update may suggest, that day was not the day. Of course not. This is my life we’re talking about here and when does anything really go to plan? Never. That’s when.

What I hate the most is the uncertainty. The grain of doubt aggravating the sea of hope slushing around inside of me. That one grain just grates on me, ruining everything else. What if he never comes? But, as far as I know, this is just as out of his hands as mine. What can I do but wait until I know something for sure? Story of my life.

I just really have to say that the soundtrack to the film Love, Actually is probably really, really great. I digress.

My dad renewed my tags for me because I still have Michigan plates even though I’ve lived in (Northern) Virginia for over a year now. He informs me that they will now say WHOOVN. My roommate’s plates say WHO V N. This is happening. It makes me excited, at least about one thing that I know for certain will happen.

One more bit of better news: Virginia has continued my unemployment. That means I will almost certainly be entirely out of debt by the time it ends, even if I am still unemployed. I hate being unemployed. I hate the feeling of not being thought good or smart enough to do a job as simple as answering the telephones for a company. A receptionist job could be done by someone still in high school so I really don’t understand why I keep being overlooked. I have good experience, I really do, and I type super fast and I even make delicious coffee. I know if someone gave me a chance, they would be glad that they did. But they won’t. And I don’t know why.

My aunt said that her work is hiring. But she works in Tennessee and that is a place that I really don’t want to live. I had to go there for a week when my sister graduated from Lee University. It was miserable. Her apartment had roaches and I know she’s super clean but it was an infestation from the apartment above, therefore nearly impossible to get rid of. It was also disgustingly hot and humid and I, a native Michigander, cannot be doing with that. Virginia is hot enough. I know that I can’t afford to be picky but why can’t I ever stop settling for things that I don’t really want? Oh, and that’s not even saying they would actually hire me. So, there’s that.

This a complete ramble of an entry and I apologize for that. I’m going to go watch eight episodes of Boy Meets World now and drink copious amounts of tea. Life.


One response to “Rambles”

  1. I’m fairly certain “WHOOVN” is the sound the TARDIS makes upon landing. I’m just saying. Also, don’t lose hope! You WILL find a job. You just have to keep plugging at it (not fun, I know) and have faith that one day it’ll happen. Also, Tennessee isn’t THAT bad. It’s really very pretty. (I’ll give you the heat thing, but I’ve been told it’s been uncharacteristically hot and normally it isn’t so bad.)

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