The Waiting Game

Isn’t that the theme of my life?

Hank hasn’t been paid in two months. Working in Spain, I guess, can sometimes be sketchy and his employer messed up the payroll. They only get paid once per month normally so missing one paycheck is huge. His boss claims he’ll receive pay for both this and last month some day between August 10 and August 15. So, what can I do but wait?

Still feeling really ill with this head cold of death. What is it about head colds that is so incapacitating, though? I don’t handle sickness well. I’m a whiner. I laid in my bed for about two solid hours, tossing and turning and feeling generally miserable. It would be cool if this could go away now. 

Not much of an entry today. I’m just getting started here and I don’t really have any idea how to go about running a blog that doesn’t consist primarily of pretty pictures of abstract things. 


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